About us

We are Simon Little and Shaun Elder. In 2017, after many years in the drinks industry, we got together to form Little Mixers Consultancy, bringing existing purée and syrup brands to the UK On Trade.

It all started when,…

inspired by customer feedback and our own experience of existing products, we agreed that there was a gap for a fruit purée that would tick all the boxes that no single brand currently met.

We imagined ourselves behind the bar at a top venue or hotel and asked “what would make things easier for us to do our job, and would maintain our reputation as a top level bartender by giving our customers a cocktail that tastes beyond what they can imagine?”

What we made

So, after loads of research, trials and (a few) errors, the result is our very own Little Mixers Super Premium Fruit Purée, made in Britain, combining product integrity, usability, minimal wastage, and fully recyclable packaging.

With a taste this good, it’s also perfect for desserts and smoothies.

Little Mixers Consultancy

Keeping it green

Packaging in easy-pour recyclable cartons means none of the waste associated with frozen ‘use it or lose it’ purées, and less environmental impact compared to plastic packaging. Stored unopened at ambient temperature our cartons give a 12 month shelf life, so you can stock up on fast moving purées.

We also get the most out of the energy and nutrients in our organic waste, helping us grow some of our own fruit.

On the farm

All of our purées are freshly made and filled on our farm in Worcestershire, a part of England’s green and pleasant land with a long history of fruit growing.

With easy access to the motorway network we can also make sure that your purées get to you nice and promptly.


The feedback from our customers has been hugely positive, and we’d love to share the good news with more professional bartenders and manufacturers.

If quality, customer experience and reputation mean a lot to you then we really should talk.

Get in touch and we can talk about Mixing a Little

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